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Artwall Zine is an international contemporary art magazine. Founded in 2009, we publish bimonthly, keeping you in touch with the best and unique of the contemporary art world from emergent, independents or already famous artists and art galleries. If you wish to get closer to the new art produced in the world you need Artwall Zine!

 Artwall Zine   is an independent online art magazine show-case/gallery, consisting of bi monthly exhibitions of the international emergents / famous artists.Our proposal is freedom and searching for a direct contact with our audience . Artwall Zine started from a dream. Through the internet we arrived with faith and hard work, to provide others our independent platform. Open for all, this magazine provides a bridge to connect artists and the world. Artwall is a new concept of art gallery that is easily accessible to the public. We welcome all with open doors for the new, irreverent, revolutionary, courageous and intriguing. An art that pulsates with life and with the spirit of the great navigators of the past; leading our creations in a surfer's odyssey beyond our imagination. The magazine contains a different and unique style,integrating graphics and visual art, illustration, photography, sculpture, video, music and literature; with a symphony of colours and textures.Our zine is more than a magazine, it's a virtual space and a form of expression of our integrated ideas. Each issue has a new emotion, a channel open for the new .Our project aims to explore current themes of society and  we are open to all tendencies and ways of expression,from classical to underground in a democratic way .Welcome!

Art for ALL 

An art that pulsates with life...

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International Group Art Exhibition in India

August 6, 2019

Moon Tarot Deck by Mona Moon

June 23, 2019

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Artwallzine Now Art Books!

Art for ALL 

 Artwall Zine   

Now Artwallzine will be a book !

We are changing our format and now some of our issues will be published as a hardcover book So it will start in our special Issue number 53  with 5 amazing international artists, all creative women:

Five Women, Five Artists, Five Views

Giorgia Roversi from Italy, Yifang Wu from Taiwan , Mona Moon from London UK , Leslie Daniels from USA , and Mikiko from Japan 

All these girls have something in common : the principal theme of they work is Women

covewr women_edited.jpg

Special  Edition - Book

coming soon !


very soon !

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leѕlιe erιn danιelѕ   lesliedaniels_  •
Giorgia Roversi
mOnA Moon 
Leslie Daniels 
Yifang Wu

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