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Andrew Litten - Dog Breeder

Dog Breeder was created as an anti art object - objecting to the tight dealer controlled art climate that does not support true independent artistic creativity.

Dog Breeder depicts a big male dog man, with dogs on heat - rushing in to breed

Dog Breeder was exhibited in a temporary project space at the heart of Vyner Street, London during Frieze Art Fair week 2007.

Andrew Litten DOG BREEDER 230x180cm oil and human hair on board

Depicting cross-bred human / dogs.

Made with paint and pubic hair.

The hair is fashioned and removed in a style that is currently acceptable to dogs and humans and quite trendy.

The Dog Breeder's puppies are now on heat and the dog breeder has an erection.

Painted on two panels, joined - They are about to inbreed again.

Dog Breeder was exhibited in a project exhibition 2007 in Vyner Street, London during Frieze Art Fair week.

Dog Breeder is an irrational mislead conjecture as antidote to the over curated dealer controlled art scene.

Dog Breeder is to be seen in the Dada tradition of Anti- Art, pointing out the absurdity of the art world.

Dog Breeder has real pubic hair added as a 'personalisation' statement

Dog Breeder took many years to make (but mainly to grow the hair for it)

It stands against the unimpassioned inbred sterile tedious gutless impersonal painting of the time -

And all the dealer regulated art, that poses as independent whilst being backed my dealer networks in order to finally facilitate the dealer wealth creation.

It received no press or acknowledgement.


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