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The variety of life instilled in Kevin McMayo's artwork

Chelsea, London --- Parallax Art Fair was a success, the venue was filled with beautiful paintings, sculptures and more. On the last day, we were able to catch up with artist, Kevin McMayo.

For McMayo, life is not one theme, but its a variety. From Trinidad and Tobago, his love for culture has always influenced his art. This casual and easy-going artist lets us in to his own artwork, which is filled with culture, lifestyle and a hint of abstract.

McMayo has been an artist for about 20 years. He initally started painting on shirts, then began painting on anything he could get his hands on. "I painted on shirts, canvas and bowls. I would paint on anything, really," says McMayo.

His inspiration is from the variety of life. McMayo states that he is influenced by the elements of life. "Some people like my art because there is so many things. People ask me why I don't paint one theme? I say, that's not how life is. There is so many different things, places, cultures, and music. [I paint] whatever inspires me at the time." McMayo's paintings are strongly driven by culture, he says "whether it's by color or symbolism." Although McMayo is from Trinidad, only a few pieces are from there. Some of his work is "based on the vibes from here as well."

What's in store for McMayo in the future? He explains the popularity his abstract pieces have, so he plans on expanding his abstract collection. He also would like to create pieces from London; he wants to be inspired by his surroundings. "My work is about love and culture, things that are attractive to the eye at least. [I want] to keep the mind thinking [as well]."

McMayo discusses what art means to him. He describes art similar to philosophy. "It reflects, reminds you, it touches you," said McMayo. To him, a good painting should thrill you and make you feel good. "Hopefully, I can [touch] someone else, just make them happy and inspire them in some way."

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