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Mystic art by mOnAmOOn London based artist

Brazilian artist based in London and Editor Chief of this Publication will have a special issue from Artwallzine with more 4 international artists :DRAW, a special edition dedicate to drawing with pen and pencil technique

The Eclipse by mOnAmOOn

​ The Eclipse by mOnAmOOn 2015 Drawing pen on A3 Fabriano Paper

Mona Moon

"The drawings of mOnA mOOn envelop the spectator in ways you would never have dreamed possible. She creates compositions of little carved figures,vivid images with elongated shapes, symbolically expressing various themes in a creative vigor. The divine femininity, the symbiotic merges with nature( fundamental principle of humanity), some ancient magic with spectacular detailed imagery adding some drama,all of it inspiring us to reflection on fundamental questions in our lives. Her portraiture is elegant and refined, but in the same time are daring and inventive. mOnA mOOn's drawings frequently contrast the suppleness and flexibility of the female body against the unusual situations and elements Her figures are placed in settings of deliberate, studied simplicity. Her style has an impact, without embellishment, by suppressing everything that is secondary. With daily drawings and practice Mona Moons drawings have evolved.Working with the flexible female form Mona begins to cut human_shaped forms out,abstracting the forms. Mona's work has become more spiritual and ephemeral quality but in the same time more erotic and abstract. The sinuous and sensual lines and the elements what come out from the bodies, like flowers, fishes, butterflies make her art unique and expressive. To follow the trajectory of this artist in her inimitable style is the guarantee of a fresh and renewed daily"

Laurence R. /Art Collector

Mona Moon is also the creator and editor



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