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The StreetArthon Second Edition in Rouen France on 3th May 2019

JP Carp


The 2nd edition of the StreetArthon will take place on May 3rd, 2019 from 5 to 10Pm.

This Street art exhibition will be held at renowned exhibition center Hangar 107, Quai Jean de Béthencourt, 76100 Rouen, France.

True to the sponsorship partnership between International street artist jp.carp and StratAdviser Ltd, Dr. Jan-Cedric Hansen, chairman of the Company contacted Sebastien Lebourg, President of StreetArthon 2019 to support this event, considering jp.carp chaired it this year.

In addition to supporting various financial charges, Stratadviser Ltd has used its creative department to design the poster of the event which is widely broadcasted.

One of jp.carp’s work was used on the poster.

The StreetArthon 2019 is the second edition of a project that aims to be collective and societal.

The StreetArthon 2019 Rouen and the following charity sales profits will be used to finance an operation called "a foosball for the hospital" that Sébastien Lebourg has set up.

To date, 6 hospitals have been equipped by the Rouen Métropole Babyfoot thanks to the various sponsors and actions carried out.

JP Carp

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