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Nice letter from Paralax art fair !

Dear Mona, I hope you are well and in good health.

Most artists and designers will have received support from their local authorities in response to government policies at this time. However, I have included a number of resources, including funding resources, for artists and designers below as well as other help, such as an email of last resort. Though linked to our web server, the webpage does not include any internal links to our website as it is inappropriate to use real economic woe for public relations. It is a plain text webpage providing information as clearly as possible and will be updated weekly.

Below, then, you will find links to four pieces of information:

1) Funding sites for artists and designers

2) Facebook group for connections

3) Academic resources

4) Email of last resort

1) Funding Sites for Artists and Designers

Some Governments and national organisations for the arts are providing funding for creatives. I have included some links to sites below. If you are aware of funding in your country or specific locality, I would appreciate you sending through a link and it will be included in the list to help others. This will be updated on a weekly basis.

2) Facebook group for connection

During interviews shot with exhibitors in February, community turned out to be the main topic of discussion. I have set up a Facebook group where you can reach out to friends or other artists in the international community.

3) Academic resources

I have included the Worldometer resource. This is a non-political organisation that daily records by country (and even State/Province) case data. Importantly, it provides its sources of information and data so that you can independently verify its information. It is updated on a daily basis.

As to be expected amongst academic specialists when research is developing, there is an ongoing debate within medical and scientific fields but such debates are being enriched by psychiatrists, sociologists, economists, and philosophers. Where a verifiable resource provides balanced information regarding all sides of a debate, and where this is deemed appropriate and relevant, I will endeavour to include this in our Academic resources but for now the Worldometer site is an excellent resource.  

4) Email of last resort

Most artists/designers are self-employed. Some will be untouched by the economic lockdown. But for some, losing your job is not simply about losing an income. It can involve a sense of losing your identity, purpose, or even meaning. If you are feeling this way, or if your hardship is extreme and you feel that no one is listening to you, we have set up an email of last resort. We will endeavour to try and offer practical advice and research as best we can and attempt to put you in touch with the right people if you feel hemmed in by your situation. Never lose hope. Sometimes a word of encouragement is vital. This email will be monitored daily. I have set this up as an independent Gmail address.

All the resources can be found on this webpage.

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