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Photography original from Wallace Hermann , Brazilian/British artist and photographer .
All these unique photography are part of an major project about  Guaratiba Biological and Archeological Reserve what  is a State biological reserve located in the western zone of Rio de Janeiro city, in the State of Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. It protects an important area of mangroves and wetlands in the east of Guaratiba Bay.The reserve is in the Guaratiba bairro in the eastern part of Sepetiba Bay.[1] It covers about 3,360 hectares (8,300 acres) and protects an important remnant of mangrove in the metropolitan area of Rio de Janeiro. The mangroves cover 1,600 hectares (4,000 acres) and are the best preserved in the state. The reserve also includes wetlands and modified areas in various stages of regeneration.[1] There are 34 archaeological sites in the reserve, with the artifacts under the custody of the National Museum. It remains an important staging point for migratory birds







Paper 170 gsm , full colours, paper type : silk, digital print



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Photography by Wallace Hermann British/Brazilian artist Landscape