Who we are


Artwall is an art magazine made by artists.It is what we are. To divulge the best in the contemporary art, the hidden treasures,the emergent artists, and the great artists who still didnt had a real opportunity to be exposed, from the great galleries, the directories, the art suppliers, everything about ART is here!. It's beautiful, dynamic, simple, happy, with a lot of colours. To help to integreate all forms of artistic expression. That is Artwallzine. 


Artwallzine was created by the visual artist mOnAmOOn.It includes young and enthusiastic team of journalists, web designer, graphic designer, marketing and more people from around the world.


Now we are in time of re Construction to give you a better experience in our new website and magazine.

Here you will find new opportunities to show your art and business on our directory for artists and art galleries/art suppliers. 

Very soon Artwallzine will come to real world  with our own space and exhibitions.


Stay in touch, email us, give us your ideas , let s exchange our links,divulge your event here in our blog, and participate in our community.


Art is for ALL 


Warm regards,

Mona Moon /Editor and Artwallzine Team 

Artwallzine Team
Co-founder, Editor, Director
Gabriel A.
Co-founder,graphic designer,webdesigner
Andrew Bowring
Writer, Production, Event Manager
Andrew Bond
Joao Arce
Advertising Sales
Gabriel A. 
co-founder, artist, graphic designer, web designer
Rio de Janeiro 16/10/1978
London  9/10/2015
Always Forever in our heart !